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Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam Fung is a Hong Kong TVB actor and singer. He was born into a wealthy family; has a younger brother and sister. His father is a real estate investor in Xiamen and was dubbed as the "Li Ka-shing of Xiamen". He officially became a singer in 2007 under Emperor Entertainment Group Label. His talent in acting and singing has been recognized by many people .


Among many well known celebrities, Raymond has always been recognized as one who is extremely down-to-earth and for this reason, he is well liked by young and older fans alike. Having been born into a wealthy family, Raymond does not like to talk about his family's wealth when being interviewed and has always tried to avoid this topic. At the end of 2007, when Raymond was asked by reporters about his salary, Raymond expressed that he has made additional income from performing abroad and that he can finally buy a new car, suggesting that he does not live off of his family's income. Raymond also mentioned that although his father had hired a driver for him when he was in school, he preferred to take the bus to school instead, like his other friends. In addition, Raymond has good relationship with his family, always spending time with them whenever there is a chance. He indicates that he would like to make more money so that he can support his younger brother's college tuition, when his family is more than capable of paying for it. When interacting with fans, he is well known for meeting his fans' demands, such as taking pictures with him or getting his autograph. Raymond's relationship status has often been a topic among those who interviews him. He expresses many times that he does indeed want to date a girl, however his busy work schedule does not permit him to do so.

Early career

After completing one year in the University of Southern California , Raymond decided to enter the entertainment circle through enrolling in TVB's acting class. At first, Raymond was not accepted by his colleagues at TVB due to his family background. He was often criticized as a rich boy who was not serious about acting and was dubbed "Siu Ye" . Gradually, people began to realize his passion for acting and accept Raymond as a serious actor. Although it was rumored that he was given big roles since he had connections with TVB executives, Raymond actually played small, non-speaking roles when he first started acting. In 2001, Raymond was chosen as the lead in "A Taste of Love," co-starring with Miriam Yeung. His outstanding performance was recognized by many viewers.

Raymond has been recognized as a great actor from the start and therefore, was given many lead roles. He received many awards for his performance in "La Femme Desperado," where he acted as a young man who falls in love with an older woman. This series is also one of TVB's top-rated series, along with "Heart of Greed" . Another one of his notable roles include 'Ben Lok' in "Survivor's Law," in which he starred as a young lawyer who ends up dating Myolie Wu. To date, Raymond has continued to film for TVB and is considered one of TVB's most popular actors- along with Moses Chan and Bosco Wong.

Singing career

Raymond signed with EEG Record Company in 2007. Although Raymond has always showed interest and ability in singing , his TVB schedule has always conflicted with recording an album. However, TVB arranged for him to start recording his first album in the summer of 2007. His debut album "Searching For You In Loving Memories" was released on November 23, 2007. The album's title song is also made into MV (with two versions, featuring Linda Chung and Bernice Liu. More than 20,000 copies of the album were sold and additional copies had to be reprinted. Some of the major awards Raymond received are the Jade Solid Gold's Favorite Newcomer Award and an IFPI award for top album sales among the Newcomer category. It has been said that Raymond will be recording his second album sometime in 2008.

Aside from his first album, Raymond has previously sang many TVB themesongs and subtheme songs. Some of his notable songs include "記得忘記" , "忘記傷害" , "心呼吸" , "浮生若水" and "愛不疚" . 忘記傷害 from Survivor's Law was also named TVB's Favorite Themesong of that year.


Raymond's fanclub, known as "Fung Forever" organizes for fans from around the world to attend functions in which Raymond will participate. In addition, FF organizes annual fans gathering and birthday celebration for Raymond to spend with fans.


*''A Taste of Love''
*''A Step Into The Past''
*''Eternal Happiness''
*''Golden Faith''
*''Lofty Waters Verdant Bow''
*''Survivor's Law''
*''Blade Heart''
*''Twin of Brothers''
*''The Last Breakthrough''
*''Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion''
*''La Femme Desperado''
*''Face to Fate''
*''Heart of Greed''
*''New Breath of Love''
*''The Drive of Life''
*''The Master of Tai Chi''
*''Moonlight Resonance''


*Three Weekly - Favourite Character for his role in A Step Into The Past
*Next TV 2001 - Favourite Character for his role in A Step Into The Past
*Favorite children's song for Violently Dinasour a.k.a Digimon Tamers
*Favorite children's song for Tape down the summer
*TVB 36th Anniversary - Most Improved Actor for Ben Lok in Survivor's Law
*TVB 37th Anniversary - Favourite Character - Kau Jong in Twin of Brothers
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Themesong for "Forget the pain" in Survivor's law
*Future's star of Kuang Chu
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Actor for his role in Twin of Brothers
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Character for his role in Twin of Brothers
*Fung Yan Award - Favourite Character for his role in The Last Breakthrough
*Fung Yan Award - "Potential Star" for his role in The Last Breakthrough
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Character for his role in Yummy Yummy - Food For Life
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Themesong for "Heart's Breath" in The Last Breakthrough
*Favorite children's song - Be Brave for Kamen Rider Blade
*TVB 40th Anniversary - Favourite Actor in Mainland for the Drive of Life
*QQ Entertainment Award - Most Favorite Hong Kong TV Actor
* Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Character in La Femme Desperado
* Next Magazine Tv Award - "Top ten artist" #6


*''Finding Love In Memories'' - EEG - 2007
*''Your Love'' - EEG - 2008

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