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Moon Lee

Moon Lee is a former Hong Kong actress who frequently played roles related to the and genre in TV serials and films. She was particularly notable in the sub-genre known as Girls with guns.


Moon was born in Hong Kong to a mother of Shanghai descent and a father of descent. In her primary school days, Moon lived in Taiwan with her father. Then she returned to Hong Kong and attended Jing-yi Girls' Junior High School. At the age of 13, Moon developed a passion for ballet and classical Chinese dancing. During secondary school on a holiday season, Moon joined an acting training course at RTV studio which subsequently led to supporting roles and modeling. She also underwent Martial Arts training under the guidance of Tsui Siu Ming to prepare for the physical demands required in her roles. With her dance background, she was able to excel.

Moon's performance came in where she actively participated in some intense action scenes. The role pioneered the Girls with Guns sub-genre and established her status as a bona fide action heroine.

Following a string of action films, she left the entertainment industry in the late 90's and launched the Moon Dancing Studio, a dance school for children. In 2001, she married Dennis K. Law, a renowned surgeon who has now retired and has undertaken a second career in the arts production industry, and later she gave birth to their daughter. The two filed for divorce in 2007.

Stunt accident

While performing the final stunt in Devil Hunters , Moon sustained a third degree burn. Moon was supposed to jump off a window from a second story building to evade an explosion. Due to bad timing by the pyrotechnicians, she was engulfed in flames before she jumped down, resulting in severe burns to her hands and face. The epilogue of the film includes details about the accident, along with a message of gratitude from the director.



* ''To Sir with Troubles'' 交叉零蛋
* ''Winners and Sinners aka 5 Lucky Stars'' 奇谋妙计五福星
* ''The Champions aka Crazy to Win'' 波牛
* ''Zu Warriors aka Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain'' 新蜀山剑侠
* '''' 威龙猛探
* ''Mr. Vampire'' 僵尸先生
* ''Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars''
* ''Cascading Feeling aka Midnight Whispers'' 尽诉心中情
* ''Mr. Vampire 2'' 僵尸先生续集
* ''The Story of Dr. Sun Yat Sen''
* '' aka Fighting Madam aka Iron Angels aka Midnight Angels'' 天使行动
* ''Angel II aka Iron Angles 2 aka Hong Kong Police Madame 2 aka Fighting Madam 2'' 天使行动2之火凤狂龙
* ''Cascading Feeling aka Midnight Whispers''
* ''Angel Enforcers'' 皇家飞凤
* ''Devil Hunters'' 猎魔群英
* ''Angel II aka Iron Angels 3 aka Return of Iron Angels'' 天使行动3魔女末日
* ''Killer Angels'' 杀手天使
* ''Princess Madam aka Under Police Protection'' 金牌师姐
* ''Demon Intruder aka Nocturnal Demon'' 夜魔先生/野鬼先生
* ''Fatal Termination aka Death Blow'' 赤色大风暴
* ''New Kids in Town aka Master of Disaster aka New Killers in Town'' 初到贵境
* ''The Revenge of Angel aka Revenge of an Angel'' 水玲珑
* ''Bury Me High'' 卫斯理之霸王卸甲
* ''Angel Force'' 天使特警
* ''Mission Kill'' 秃鹰档案
* ''Dreaming of the Reality aka Dreaming The Reality'' 梦醒血未停
* ''Mission of Condor aka Mission Kill aka Angel Force'' 秃鹰档案/秃鹰行动
* ''Angel Terminators 2 aka The Best of the Lady Kickboxer'' 火种
* ''The Big Deal'' 神偷家族
* ''Inspector Wears Skirts 4'' 霸王花:重出江湖
* ''Kickboxer's Tears'' 新龙争虎斗
* ''A Serious Shock! aka Yes, Madam! '92 aka Death Triangle'' 末路狂花
* ''The Avenging Quartet'' 霸海红英
* ''Angel of Kickboxer'' aka Angel the Kickboxer aka Bloody Mary Killer aka Honor and Glory 纵横天下 ''Uncredited''
* ''Secret Police'' 警网雄风
* ''Beauty Investigator aka Beauty Inspectors'' 妙探双娇
* ''Mission of Justice'' 金三角群英会
* ''Angel's Project aka Angel Mission'' 天使狂龙
* ''Little Heroes Lost in China'' 小鬼奇兵
***Tai Seng Home Video release of Avenging Quartet incorrectly cited copyright date as 1994 on boxcover.

TV Serial Drama

* ''Fatherland'' 大地恩情
* ''I Have to Fly'' 我要高飛
* ''Ah Sir Ah Sir'' 阿SIR 阿SIR
* ''Onion Flower'' 洋葱花
* ''Drunken Fist'' 醉拳王無忌
* ''I Love Mermaid'' 我愛美人魚
* ''Drunken Fist 2'' 日帝月后
* ''Miracle of the Orient'' 香江歳月
* ''Ji Gong'' 濟公
* ''Passionate Fairy'' 仙女多情
* ''Bravo! Kowloon Tong'' 魅力九龍塘
* ''The Supersword Lady'' 越女剣
* ''Ba Wang Hua'' 霸王花
* ''Fist of Power'' 南拳北腿
* ''Putonghua Children Drama'' 普通話親子劇場
* ''Fist of Hero'' 中華大丈夫

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