Monday, September 15, 2008

Raymond Cho Wing Lim

Raymond Cho Wing-Lim is a Hong Kong television star. He currently works for the television company, TVB. Raymond used to be a singer, winning a singing competition when he was 26 years old. After an unsuccessful attempt at being a singer, he gave acting a try. After filming some movies, he joined TVB.
Notable dramas he has starred in are: ''Healing Hands II'' , ''Healing Hands II'' , ''Welcome to the House'' , and ''At Home With Love'' .


*Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
*Healing Hands II
*A Matter of Customs
*Police Station No.7
*Doomed to Oblivion
*The White Flame
*Invisible Journey
*Square Pegs
*Supreme Fate
*Summer Heat
*Hidden Treasures
*Healing Hands II
*Revolving Doors of Vengeance
*Life Made Simple
*Welcome to the House
*Forensic Heroes
*A Journey Called Life
*Cordial Heroes

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