Monday, September 15, 2008

Lin Dai

Lin Dai was a actress of made in during 1950s–60s.

Born Cheng Yueru in Guilin, Lin Dai was awarded the Best Actress at the Asia Pacific Film Festival four times for her outstanding performances in a number of films produced by Shaw Studio. Whilst she attended short courses on drama and linguistics at Columbia University, New York in 1958, she met and fell in love with Long Shengxun, the son of Long Yun who was a former governor of China's Yunnan province. They married on 12 February 1961 in Hong Kong.

She committed suicide at home in Hong Kong in July 1964, using an overdose of sleeping pills and inhalation of methane gas, due to family matters referred by the media as "trivial". Her sudden and tragic death shocked the Chinese community.


*''Singing Under The Moon '', 1953
*''Golden Lotus '', 1957
*''Scarlett Doll '', 1958
*''Diau Charn '', 1958
*''The Kingdom and the Beauty '', 1959
*''Les Belles '', 1961
*''Love Without End '', 1961
*''Madame White Snake '', 1962
*''Blue and Black '', 1966

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