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Sammo Hung

Sammo Hung is a actor, and from Hong Kong, known for his work in many and Hong Kong action cinema. He has been a for, amongst others, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, King Hu, Stephen Chow and John Woo.

Hung is one of the pivotal figures who spearheaded the Hong Kong New Wave movement of the 1980s, helped reinvent the martial arts genre and started the Jiang Shi genre.

In East Asia, it is common for people to address their elders or influential people with familial nouns as a sign of familiarity and respect. Jackie Chan, for example, is often addressed as "Dai Goh", meaning Big Brother. Hung was known also known as "Dai Goh", until the filming of Project A, which featured both actors. As Hung was the eldest of the kung fu "brothers", and the first to make a mark on the industry, he was given the nickname "Dai Goh Dai", meaning, Big, Big Brother or Biggest Big Brother.

The early years

Hung's ancestral hometown is Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. Born Hong Gam-Bou in Hong Kong, both of his parents worked as wardrobe artists in the local film industry and guardianship was thrust upon his grandparents. His grandmother was archetypal martial-arts actress Chin Tsi-ang and his grandfather was film director Hung Chung-Ho.

Hung joined the China Drama Academy, a Peking Opera School in Hong Kong, in 1961. He was enrolled for a period of 7 years, beginning at the age of 9, after his grandparents heard about the school from their friends). The opera school was run by Master Yu Jim Yuen and as was customary for all students, Hung adopted the given name of his sifu as his family name whilst attending. Going by the name ''Yuen Lung'', Hung became the foremost member of the Seven Little Fortunes performing group, and would establish a school rivalry with one of the younger students, ''Yuen Lo''. Yuen Lo would go on to become international superstar Jackie Chan.
At the age of 14, Hung was selected by a teacher who had connections to the Hong Kong film industry to perform stunts on a movie. This brief foray into the industry piqued his interest in film and he took particular interest in the operation of film cameras., in which he played the ten year old Yue Fei, the historical figure from the Song Dynasty who would go on to become a famous Chinese general and martyr. The majority of Hung's performance was alongside another actor portraying , Yue's elderly military arts tutor.
In 1966, at the age of just 14, Hung began working for Shaw Brothers Studio, assisting the Han Yingjie, on King Hu's film ''Come Drink with Me''. Between 1966 and 1974, Hung worked on over 30 wuxia films for Shaw Brothers, progressing through the roles of , stuntman, stunt co-ordinator and ultimately, action director.

In 1970, Hung began working for Raymond Chow and the Golden Harvest film company. His popularity soon began to grow, and due to the quality of his choreography and disciplined approach to his work, he again caught the eye of celebrated Taiwanese director, King Hu. Hung choreographed two of Hu's movies, ''A Touch of Zen'' and ''The Fate of Lee Khan'' .

In the same year, Hung went to South Korea to study the martial art Hapkido under master Ji Han Jae.

Also in 1973, he was seen in the Bruce Lee classic, ''Enter the Dragon''. Hung was the student Bruce faces in the opening sequence.

Toward the late 1970s, Hong Kong cinema began to shift away from the -language, epic martial arts movies popularised by directors such as Chang Cheh. In a series of movies, Hung, along with Jackie Chan, began reinterpreting the genre by making comedy kung fu. While these movies still strongly featured martial arts, they also feature a liberal mixture of humour.

In 1977, Hung was given his first lead role in a Golden Harvest production, in the film ''Shaolin Plot''. His next film was his directorial debut, ''The Iron Fisted Monk'', one of the earliest kung fu comedies. and is assisting with casting.

Hung has also directed and starred in another martial arts epic entitled ''Howling Arrow'', and the film is currently in post-production. According to Hung's official website, the film stars Aaron Kwok, Wu Jing, and Zhou Xun and was filmed for Tsui Siu-Ming’s Sundream Motion Pictures.

Further announced film projects that will involve Hung include a starring role in Daniel Lee's '''', an action direction role for '''' and another starring role in Vincent Kok's horror comedy, ''V for Vampire''.


In between films and special appearances, Hung has appeared in several East Asian TV series. In 2003 he was in two Mainland China series' - ''Undercover Cop'' with Fan Bing-Bing, followed by ''The Valley of Lost Vengeance'' . More recently, he played a master con-artist in the Taiwanese series ''Coming Lies'' and Wing Chun master Wong Wah-bo in the Hong Kong series '''', reprising the role he played in over 20 years earlier. He co-starred in the series alongside Yuen Biao, Nicholas Tse and his youngest son, Sammy Hung.

Hung is scheduled to appear as a guest judge on the China Beijing TV Station reality television series '''', which is currently airing in Mainland China and is produced by, and features Jackie Chan. The aim of the program is to find a new star, skilled in acting and martial arts, to become Chan's "successor", the champion being awarded the lead role in a film. It will conclude on June 7, 2008, with the series winner being announced in Beijing.

Another Mainland series is also due, ''Shaolin Temple: Monks and Marines'', set during the Ming dynasty, in which Hung will play Big Foot, a Shaolin warrior monk joining General Qi Ji Guang's marines to help defend the nation against Japanese pirates. Sammy Hung also has a role, as Big Foot's disciple.


''For more information, see Sammo Hung filmography.''

Hung has starred in 75 films, and worked on over 230, beginning as a child actor whilst still attending the ''China Drama Academy''. Upon leaving the opera school, he worked as an extra and stuntman, and progressed through other roles including fight choreographer, stunt co-ordinator, action director, actor, writer, producer and director.

Film Production

Gar Bo Motion Picture Company

In 1978 Sammo Hung formed Gar Bo Motion Picture Company, a subsidiary of Golden Harvest, with director Karl Maka and former actor-choreographer Lau Kar Wing . The company's name consists of the "Gar" sound from Lau Kar Wing and Karl Ma-ka, and "Bo" from Hung Kam Bo.). The company disbanded in 1980, when Maka moved on to form Cinema City & Films Co. with Raymond Wong and Dean Shek. Gar Bo released two films, both starring Hung and Lau:

* ''Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog''
* ''''

Bo Ho Film Company Ltd

1980 saw Raymond Chow pull one of Hung's films from local cinemas after just two weeks. Hung responded by starting his own production company Bo Ho Film Company Ltd, allowing him to have greater control to produce Hong Kong films. Whilst Bo Ho produced, Golden Harvest still operated as distributors. In all, 40 films were released by Bo Ho, several of which starred Hung:

* ''Encounters of the Spooky Kind''
* ''Long Arm of the Law''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''Mr. Vampire''
* ''Heart of Dragon
* ''Those Merry Souls''
* ''Lucky Stars Go Places''
* ''Millionaire's Express'' aka ''Shanghai Express''
* ''Paper Marriage''
* ''Righting Wrongs'' aka ''Above the Law''
* ''''
* ''The Strange Bedfellow''
* ''Mr. Vampire Part 2''
* ''Eastern Condors''
* ''Mr. Vampire Part 3''
* ''The Final Test''
* ''The Happy Bigamist''
* ''My Cousin, the Ghost''
* ''Scared Stiff''
* ''Sworn Brothers''
* ''To Err is Humane'' aka ''To Err is Human''
* ''China's Last Eunuch'' aka ''Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch''
* ''Mr. Vampire Saga 4''
* ''''
* ''Picture of a Nymph'' aka ''Portrait of a Nymph''
* ''One Husband Too Many''
* ''Blonde Fury''
* ''Three Against the World''
* ''A Fishy Story''
* ''Doctor's Heart''
* ''Her Fatal Ways''
* ''Mortuary Blues''
* ''Shanghai, Shanghai'' aka ''Shanghai Encounter''
* ''She Shoots Straight'' aka ''Lethal Lady''
* ''Queens Bench III''
* ''The Top Bet''
* ''Lover at Large''
* '''' aka ''Operation Scorpio''

D&B Films Company Ltd

In 1983, Hung co-founded another production company, D&B Films Company Ltd, with Dickson Poon and John Shum.

* ''Hong Kong 1941''
* ''The Owl vs Bumbo'' aka ''The Owl vs Bombo''
* ''The Return of Pom Pom''
* ''''
* ''It's a Drink, It's a Bomb''
* ''Mr. Boo Meets Pom Pom''
* ''Police Assassins'' aka ''Yes, Madam!''
* ''''
* ''Dream Lovers''
* ''Silent Love''
* ''
* ''Legacy of Rage''
* ''''
* ''Pom Pom Strikes Back''
* ''''
* '''' aka ''Royal Warriors''
* ''''
* ''From Here to Prosperity''
* ''The Lunatics''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''On the Red''
* ''Where's Officer Tuba?''
* ''''
* ''It's a Mad Mad World''
* ''Porky's Meatballs''
* ''The Wrong Couple'' aka ''The Wrong Couples''
* ''''
* ''Magnificent Warriors'' aka ''Yes, Madam 3''
* ''You're OK, I'm OK!''
* ''The Final Victory''
* ''''
* ''The Gang Don't Shoot Straight'' aka ''The Goofy Gang''
* ''An Autumn's Tale''
* ''In the Line of Duty 3'' aka ''Yes, Madam 2''
* ''Sapporo Story''
* ''Heart To Hearts''
* ''It's A Mad Mad World 2''
* ''Tiger Cage''
* ''''
* ''Classmate Party'' aka ''Student Union''
* ''''
* ''Double Fattiness''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''Darkside Of Chinatown''
* ''''
* ''In the Line of Duty 4'' aka ''In the Line of Duty'' aka ''Yes, Madam 4''
* ''Mr. Fortune''
* ''''
* ''It's A Mad Mad World 3''
* ''''
* ''Funny Ghost''
* ''''
* ''A Bite of Love''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''Tiger Cage 2''
* ''Heart Into Hearts''
* ''BB 30''
* ''Brave Young Girls''
* ''Look Out, Officer!''
* ''Perfect Girls''
* ''Vampire Settle on Police Camp''
* ''Forbidden Arsenal''
* ''The Perfect Match''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''Dreams of Glory, A Boxer's Story''
* ''Tiger Cage 3''
* ''''
* ''His Fatal Ways''
* ''Will of Iron''
* ''Black Cat 2''
* ''Heart Against Hearts''

Bojon Films Company Ltd

In 1989, Hung formed a new production company, Bojon Films Company Ltd. The company produced 5 films, all of which starred Hung:

* ''Pedicab Driver''
* ''Encounters of the Spooky Kind 2''
* ''Pantyhose Hero'' aka ''Pantyhose Killer''
* ''Slickers vs. Killers''
* ''Don't Give a Damn'' aka ''Burger Cop''

Personal life

* Hung's grandmother was martial-arts actress Chin Tsi-ang, who starred in almost 80 films between 1941 and 2002. His grandfather was film director and writer Hung Chung Ho, who directed over 40 films between 1937 and 1950.
* Hung's younger brother, Lee Chi Kit, has worked on almost 40 films, many of which Hung was also involved with. Lee also worked on Hung's ''Martial Law'' series. He works primarily as a supporting actor and action director.
* He has three sons and a daughter, Timmy Hung , Jimmy Hung , Sammy Hung and Stephanie Hung with Jo Yun Ok, whom he grew up with in martial arts training school. He divorced Yun Ok in 1994 and married model and actress in 1995. Godenzi appeared in several of his films including ''The Haunted Island'' ''Eastern Condors'' , and ''Paper Marriage'' prior to the pair becoming a couple. She also appeared in .

* Timmy Hung has appeared alongside his father in '''' and '''', as well as having a recurring role in Sammo's series, ''Martial Law''.
* Sammy Hung appeared as the nemesis to Nicholas Tse's character in the 2007 television series ''Wing Chun'', a remake of the original series broadcast in 1994, and the subsequent film ''''. The series also starred Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao.
* Hung is one of the celebrities honoured on the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong.
* Hung is known for his large frame. Despite this, he is a surprisingly agile and formidable martial artist.
* He has a circular scar on the right-hand side of his face, just above his lip. In the early days of his film career, Hung was involved in a street fight outside a Kowloon nightclub, and was stabbed with a broken cola bottle.

In popular culture

* A pop band from Wales named themselves ''Sammo Hung'' after the actor.
* Master Elehung Kinpo, from ''Juken Sentai Gekiranger'', is named after him. Coincidentally, Yū Mizushima, the voice actor for Elehung Kinpo, did the dubbing for Sammo Hung.

Sam Lee

Sam Lee Chan-Sam formerly , born September 27, 1975, is an actor from Hong Kong, China. He started his film career when he was first spotted by director Fruit Chan who casted him in ''Made in Hong Kong''. Since his debut, Sam has been working hard on many films. In 1999, he made thirteen films in that year alone. He appeared in a Japanese film '''' as one of the contestants in the movie. Sam Lee is best known for the role of Sha Jang in the epic series of The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra.

Outside of his film career, Sam is a seasonal member of a /hip-hop band where he is the rapper. Sam Lee is also known as DJ Becareful.

Selected filmography

* ''''
* ''Nude Fear''
* ''Beast Cops''
* ''Bio Zombie''
* ''Young and Dangerous: The Prequel''
* ''A True Mob Story''
* ''The Longest Summer''
* ''Afraid of Nothing, The Jobless King''
* ''When I Look Upon the Stars''
* ''''
* ''Trust Me U Die''
* ''Believe It or Not''
* ''The King of Debt Collecting Agent''
* ''Moonlight Express''
* ''''
* ''Gen-X Cops''
* ''A Man Called Hero''
* ''Metade Fumaca''
* ''The Untold Story 3''
* ''Heaven of Hope''
* ''Wan Chai Express''
* ''Rave Fever''
* ''''
* ''Phantom Call''
* ''''
* ''Fist Power''
* ''A War Named Desire''
* ''Bio-Cops''
* ''Skyline Cruisers''
* ''Gen-Y Cops''
* ''Scaremonger''
* ''Horror Hotline... Big Head Monster''
* ''Final Romance''
* ''Visible Secret''
* ''Fing's Raver''
* ''A Gambler's Story''
* ''''
* '' The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra]''
* ''Color of Pain''
* ''''
* ''The Stewardess''
* ''Devil Face Angel Heart''
* ''No Problem 2''
* ''Just One Look''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''Deals with the Dark''
* ''Troublesome Night 17''
* ''Love is Over''
* ''The Trouble-Makers''
* ''I want to get married''
* ''Fate Fighter''
* ''Dream and Desire''
* ''We're Not The Worst''
* ''''
* ''Dragon Loaded 2003''
* ''Fatal Training Course''
* ''A Wedding or a Funeral''
* ''Enter the Phoenix'' ''''
* ''Osaka Wrestling Restaurant''
* ''One Nite in Mongkok''
* ''''
* ''Gun Affinity''
* ''Instant Marriage''
* ''The Key to Destiny''
* ''My Sweetie''
* ''Crazy N' The City''
* ''''
* ''Demonic Flash''
* ''Dragon Reloaded''
* ''b420''
* ''Feel It Say It...''
* ''Dog Bite Dog''
* ''House of Mahjong''

Awards and nominations

Awards won

* 1998: Hong Kong Film Award: Best New Performer for ''Made in Hong Kong''

Awards nominated

* 1997: Golden Horse Award: Best Actor for ''Made in Hong Kong''
* 1999: Hong Kong Film Award: Best Supporting Actor for ''The Longest Summer''

Sam Chan

Sam Chan Yu Sum is a Hong Kong actor working for TVB. He made his acting career debut in TVB's Hearts Of Fencing in 2003. Over the years he was mostly known as Bill Chan 's son.

Miscellaneous facts

*Height: 173 cm
*Weight: 60 kg
*Schools attended: Saint Nicholas , D.P.S , Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary School , Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School , Chinese Int'l School , Kingston University School of Architecture
*Spoken languages: Chinese & English
*Favorite Actors: Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Tadanobu Asano, Tony Leung


*Hearts Of Fencing
*Healing Hands 3
*The Price of Greed
*The Ultimate Crime Fighter
*The Building Blocks of Life
*The Seventh Day
*Burning Flame III

Rosamund Kwan

Rosamund Kwan is a born in Shenyang, Liaoning in . She is the daughter of star Kwan San and actress Cheung Bing Sai. She attended Maryknoll Convent School in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong.
Although her last film role was in 2005, she officially announced her retirement from acting in 2007.

Acting career

Kwans' first acting role was in the soap opera ''Agency 24'' . Her film debut was alongside Chow Yun Fat in the 1982 film, ''The Head Hunter''. She appeared with Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao in ''Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars'' and again with Chan in ''Project A Part II'' and ''Armour of God''. She also appeared with Jet Li in the films ''Swordsman II'', ''Dr. Wai and the Scripture with No Words'' and as Shao Yun aka "Sap Saam Ee" throughout the ''Once Upon a Time in China'' film series.

Although the majority of her acting roles were in , she is best known internationally for her roles in , alongside a variety of major stars of the genre.

Amongst her more dramatic roles, she notably appeared with ''House of Flying Daggers'' star Andy Lau in several films including ''Casino Raiders'' and ''The Wesley's Mysterious Files''. Kwan also released a record in 1994, a duet with Andy Lau called "Love Forever".

In 2001 she appeared in Feng Xiaogang's Chinese comedy, ''Big Shot's Funeral'', which starred Donald Sutherland as a film director and Kwan as his adopted daughter.


* ''Hands in the Hair''
* ''''
* ''The Wesley's Mysterious File'' aka ''The Wesley's Mysterious Story''

* ''Big Shot's Funeral''
* ''Once Upon a Time in China and America'' aka ''Once Upon a Time in China and America''
* ''Thanks For Your Love''
* ''Dr. Wai and the Scripture Without Words''
* ''''
* ''''
* ''Once Upon a Time in China V''
* ''All's Well, Ends Well Too''
* ''Long and Winding Road''
* ''The Great Conqueror's Concubine Pt. B''
* ''The Great Conqueror's Concubine''
* ''Blade of Fury''
* ''Once Upon a Time in China III''
* ''Gigolo and Whore II''
* ''Inspector Pink Dragon''
* ''Once Upon a Time in China''
* ''''
* ''Tricky Brains''
* ''Tiger Cage 2''
* ''Return to Action''
* ''Undeclared War''
* ''A Bite of Love''
* ''Casino Raiders''
* ''Ghost Fever''
* ''Mr. Smart''
* ''Proud and Confident'' (傲氣雄鷹
* ''''
* ''The Crazy Companies II''
* ''Three Against The World''
* ''Project A Part II''
* ''Armour of God''
* ''Millionaire's Express''
* ''Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Stars''
* ''The Head Hunter'' aka ''Long Goodbye''

Ronald Cheng

Ronald Cheng Chung-Kei is a Hong Kong cantopop singer and .


Originally intending to work behind the scenes as a composer and record producer, Cheng did odd jobs at his father’s company — which included doing for the likes of Alan Tam and Priscilla Chan — during summers as a youth. The lessons were apparently effective, as producers started taking notice of Cheng’s voice and he was signed to a recording contract soon thereafter. Cheng first shot to popularity in before returning home and enjoying some success in Hong Kong. However, his singing career went into a lull from 2000 to 2003 due to the infamous “air rage incident” and has only recently rebounded.

Cheng returned to the Cantopop market in 2003, however success for him did not arrive until 2005, where his signature song "無賴" was voted one of the Top 10 songs at various music award shows, notably 's Jade Solid Gold, where it was voted the most popular song of 2005.


* 1996
** 左右為難 - Mandarin Album
** 別愛我 - Mandarin Album
** 情深 - Mandarin Album
** 最愛的人不是你 - Mandarin EP
** 絕口不提!愛你 - Mandarin Album
** 戒情人 - Mandarin Album
** 時間 人物 地點 - Mandarin / Cantonese New + Best Selections
** 敵人 - Mandarin Album
** 我真的可以 - Mandarin Album
** One More Time - Cantonese Album
** 聲聲愛你 - Mandarin New + Best Selections
** 緣份無邊界 - Cantonese Compilation
** 真朋友 - Mandarin Album
** Encore - Mandarin New + Best Selections
** 唔該, 救救我 - Cantonese Album
** 唔該, 救救我 “火紅火熱”版 - Cantonese Album
** Before After - Cantonese Album
** 正宗K - Cantonese / Mandarin New + Best Selections
** 鄭中基演唱會二零零六 - Cantonese / Mandarin Live Album
** 怪胎 - Mandarin New + Best Selections


* 1997
** '''' - Voice only
** ''Twelve Nights'' - Actor
** ''Blue Moon'' - Actor
** ''Bullets of Love'' - Actor
** ''Dance of a Dream'' - Actor
** ''Interactive Murders'' - Actor
** ''My Wife is 18'' - Actor
** ''Market's Romance'' - Actor
** ''My Lucky Star'' - Actor
** ''Give Them A Chance'' - Actor
** ''Dragon Loaded 2003'' - Actor
** ''Golden Chicken 2'' - Actor
** ''Super Model'' - Actor
** ''Hidden Heroes'' - Actor
** ''My Sweetie'' - Cameo
** ''Himalaya Singh'' - Actor
** ''Dragon Reloaded'' - Actor
** ''McDull, the Alumni'' - Actor
** ''Undercover Hidden Dragon'' - Actor
** '''' - Actor
** ''Mr. 3 Minutes'' - Actor
** '''' - Actor, Director
**''Legendary Assassin''
**''La Lingerie''


* In 2006, Cheng held his first major concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum from March 21, 2006 to March 23, 2006.
* His father, Norman Cheng , is the current chairperson and CEO of EMI, and formerly of the Asia Pacific division of PolyGram and then Universal Music.

Ricky Hui

Ricky Hui Koon-Ying ( 許冠英, Jyutping: heoi2 gun3 jing1; pinyin: Xǔ Guànyīng] is a Hong Kong star in the 1970s to 1990s. He frequently acts with his brothers and . He and his brothers made several comedy blockbusters in the 1970s and 1980s.


Ricky Hui Koon Ying was born August 3 1946 in Panyu, Guangdong Province, China. He has four siblings, Samuel, Michael, Stanley and Judy. The Hui family migrated from mainland China to Hong Kong in 1950 and settled in the then poor area of Diamond Hill. His father worked hard and undertook any work available to be able to support his family. In the Hui family Arts played a very significant role. Ricky's father played the violin and his mother loved Cantonese opera so it is not surprising that the Hui children all had a love for music and acting, and finally almost all of them ended up in the entertainment industry.


Ricky worked as a correspondent for the French Press Agency in Hong Kong. He also frequently appeared in Shaw Brothers films between 1972 and 1976, such as ''The Lizard'' , ''The 14 Amazons'' , ''The Sugar Daddies'' , ''The Generation Gap'' , ''Rivals of Kung Fu'' , ''Hong Kong'' 73 etc. For him the big break came when he joined his brothers on screen.

The first time was in ''The Last Message'' with a short appearance as a waiter. The dialogue between him and Sam's character is hilarious. Ricky got a slightly bigger role in ''The Private Eyes'' and with that film a new era of the Hong Kong Cinema started. The brothers together made the best comedies the Hong Kong film industry has ever seen. Their films were packed with visual gags and the unique humor. Although Ricky had only a small role in ''The Private Eyes'', it remained one of the all time favorites among fans. According to Michael Hui, Ricky had only brief appearance in this film because at that time he had a contract with Shaw Brothers. I think that contract ended around 1976, because the last Shaw Brothers film he appeared in was ''Challenge of the Masters'' that year. The following year found Ricky at Golden Harvest with a leading role in John Woo's ''Money Crazy''. In 1979 ''Games Gamblers Play'' was released for the Japanese market. For this edition Michael shot a new scene, a fight between Ricky and Sam on the beach, and replaced the original Sammo Hung vs Sam Hui fight with it. The next Hui brothers production where Ricky teamed up with his brothers again was ''The Contract'' in 1978, followed by ''Security Unlimited'' , one of the biggest success of the brothers, full of gags and their trademark Cantonese humor. In the late 1970s and early 1980s Ricky played leading roles in John Woo films like ''From Riches To Rags'' , ''To Hell with the Devil'' or ''Plain Jane To The Rescue'' .

Michael became a producer in 1987 and Ricky appeared in his films: ''Chicken and Duck Talk'' , ''Front Page'' , ''The Magic Touch'' . In 1985 Sammo Hung produced one of the biggest cult films ''Mr. Vampire'' where Ricky Hui played Man Choi, a memorable role on the side of the unforgettable Ching-ying Lam.

Ricky was most active in his film career in the 1970s and 1980s. In the late 1990s he appeared in only one film, in ''First Love Unlimited'' . The last films Ricky Hui appeared in are ''Super Model'' and ''Forever Yours'', both from 2004.


Ricky is not only an actor but a very good singer, too. He has released seven albums, most of them on vinyl in the 1970s and 1980s. There are three Ricky albums on vinyl: 發錢寒 , 夏之戀 , 錢作怪 . In 1993 '93 急流? was released, which featured new songs by Sam Hui and guest vocals from Michael Hui. The second album in 1993 was 一生渴望 a 2-CD set that featured one CD of hits from the 1970s and 1980s, and brand-new recordings of songs from '93 急流?. It also paved the way for Ricky's 2 shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum . The third CD was released in 2001, called The Classical Songs of Universal. It is the re-released version of the album from 1980 with a few extra songs. The latest, Greatest Hits album , 十足斤兩, was released ony July 26 2006.

Ricky not only sings but also wrote some songs for his brother Sam: On Sam Hui's debut album, Ricky wrote 3 complete songs : Track 3 , track 4 , and track 11 . On Sam's 2nd Cantonese album, Ricky contributed 2 songs: track 5 , track 10 , and track 11 . On Sam's 3rd Cantonese album, Ricky has one contribution: track 12 . He also wrote a song that can only be heard on his own debut album in 1977: 月影.

In 2000 Ricky had a stage play called Ha Luk Hei Ban. In the same year he appeared in five episodes of the ATV series ''Heung Gong Yat Ka Chun''. In 2001 a DVD was released of a variety show about the development of Hong Kong entertainment, called Laughing Kaleidoscope which featured Ricky among various artists on stage. In the same year he participated with three songs in the La Fai Palace Jubilee concert. In 2003 Ricky appeared in a concert commemorating the 8th anniversary of the death of Teresa Teng Lai-Kwun and also celebrating her 50th birthday. Ricky participated with three songs in Sing Along Golden Hits Encore Concert in 2004 among other stars. He appeared in the Rosanne in Starry Night Concert in March, 2006.

Ricky is also a returning guest on Sam Hui's concerts singing a few songs on his own or duets with brother. He often participates in TV Game Shows as well.

On July 30 2006 Ricky appeared on concert in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Jockey Club Auditorium.


Raymond Lam

Raymond Lam Fung is a Hong Kong TVB actor and singer. He was born into a wealthy family; has a younger brother and sister. His father is a real estate investor in Xiamen and was dubbed as the "Li Ka-shing of Xiamen". He officially became a singer in 2007 under Emperor Entertainment Group Label. His talent in acting and singing has been recognized by many people .


Among many well known celebrities, Raymond has always been recognized as one who is extremely down-to-earth and for this reason, he is well liked by young and older fans alike. Having been born into a wealthy family, Raymond does not like to talk about his family's wealth when being interviewed and has always tried to avoid this topic. At the end of 2007, when Raymond was asked by reporters about his salary, Raymond expressed that he has made additional income from performing abroad and that he can finally buy a new car, suggesting that he does not live off of his family's income. Raymond also mentioned that although his father had hired a driver for him when he was in school, he preferred to take the bus to school instead, like his other friends. In addition, Raymond has good relationship with his family, always spending time with them whenever there is a chance. He indicates that he would like to make more money so that he can support his younger brother's college tuition, when his family is more than capable of paying for it. When interacting with fans, he is well known for meeting his fans' demands, such as taking pictures with him or getting his autograph. Raymond's relationship status has often been a topic among those who interviews him. He expresses many times that he does indeed want to date a girl, however his busy work schedule does not permit him to do so.

Early career

After completing one year in the University of Southern California , Raymond decided to enter the entertainment circle through enrolling in TVB's acting class. At first, Raymond was not accepted by his colleagues at TVB due to his family background. He was often criticized as a rich boy who was not serious about acting and was dubbed "Siu Ye" . Gradually, people began to realize his passion for acting and accept Raymond as a serious actor. Although it was rumored that he was given big roles since he had connections with TVB executives, Raymond actually played small, non-speaking roles when he first started acting. In 2001, Raymond was chosen as the lead in "A Taste of Love," co-starring with Miriam Yeung. His outstanding performance was recognized by many viewers.

Raymond has been recognized as a great actor from the start and therefore, was given many lead roles. He received many awards for his performance in "La Femme Desperado," where he acted as a young man who falls in love with an older woman. This series is also one of TVB's top-rated series, along with "Heart of Greed" . Another one of his notable roles include 'Ben Lok' in "Survivor's Law," in which he starred as a young lawyer who ends up dating Myolie Wu. To date, Raymond has continued to film for TVB and is considered one of TVB's most popular actors- along with Moses Chan and Bosco Wong.

Singing career

Raymond signed with EEG Record Company in 2007. Although Raymond has always showed interest and ability in singing , his TVB schedule has always conflicted with recording an album. However, TVB arranged for him to start recording his first album in the summer of 2007. His debut album "Searching For You In Loving Memories" was released on November 23, 2007. The album's title song is also made into MV (with two versions, featuring Linda Chung and Bernice Liu. More than 20,000 copies of the album were sold and additional copies had to be reprinted. Some of the major awards Raymond received are the Jade Solid Gold's Favorite Newcomer Award and an IFPI award for top album sales among the Newcomer category. It has been said that Raymond will be recording his second album sometime in 2008.

Aside from his first album, Raymond has previously sang many TVB themesongs and subtheme songs. Some of his notable songs include "記得忘記" , "忘記傷害" , "心呼吸" , "浮生若水" and "愛不疚" . 忘記傷害 from Survivor's Law was also named TVB's Favorite Themesong of that year.


Raymond's fanclub, known as "Fung Forever" organizes for fans from around the world to attend functions in which Raymond will participate. In addition, FF organizes annual fans gathering and birthday celebration for Raymond to spend with fans.


*''A Taste of Love''
*''A Step Into The Past''
*''Eternal Happiness''
*''Golden Faith''
*''Lofty Waters Verdant Bow''
*''Survivor's Law''
*''Blade Heart''
*''Twin of Brothers''
*''The Last Breakthrough''
*''Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion''
*''La Femme Desperado''
*''Face to Fate''
*''Heart of Greed''
*''New Breath of Love''
*''The Drive of Life''
*''The Master of Tai Chi''
*''Moonlight Resonance''


*Three Weekly - Favourite Character for his role in A Step Into The Past
*Next TV 2001 - Favourite Character for his role in A Step Into The Past
*Favorite children's song for Violently Dinasour a.k.a Digimon Tamers
*Favorite children's song for Tape down the summer
*TVB 36th Anniversary - Most Improved Actor for Ben Lok in Survivor's Law
*TVB 37th Anniversary - Favourite Character - Kau Jong in Twin of Brothers
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Themesong for "Forget the pain" in Survivor's law
*Future's star of Kuang Chu
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Actor for his role in Twin of Brothers
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Character for his role in Twin of Brothers
*Fung Yan Award - Favourite Character for his role in The Last Breakthrough
*Fung Yan Award - "Potential Star" for his role in The Last Breakthrough
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Character for his role in Yummy Yummy - Food For Life
*Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Themesong for "Heart's Breath" in The Last Breakthrough
*Favorite children's song - Be Brave for Kamen Rider Blade
*TVB 40th Anniversary - Favourite Actor in Mainland for the Drive of Life
*QQ Entertainment Award - Most Favorite Hong Kong TV Actor
* Astro Wah Lai Toi's Award - Favourite Character in La Femme Desperado
* Next Magazine Tv Award - "Top ten artist" #6


*''Finding Love In Memories'' - EEG - 2007
*''Your Love'' - EEG - 2008