Monday, September 15, 2008

Mandy Cho

Mandy Lee Cho is a Hong Kong beauty contestant and television personality. Cho studied in San Francisco, United States. She came back from her studies in 2003 and competed in the 2003 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. A favorite at the start of the competition, she made it into the semifinals and won the Perfect Team Award. Then in August, she competed in the finals and beat favorites like Selena Li, Rabee'a Yueng, and Carrie Lee for the title. Later Cho appeared in TVB series including Split Second, Guts of Man, and The Charm Beneath. She also became the seventh contestant from Hong Kong to win the Miss Chinese International First Runner Up title. Cho is also the second woman after Winnie Yeung to win the Miss Friendship title. The eventual winner of the 2004 Miss Chinese International title was Linda Chung. In 2006, Cho completed her studies at GIA in New York city and is now a Graduate Gemologist. She returned to Hong Kong in September 2006. Though she claimed she was working as a PR at a jewelry company when she first returned to Hong Kong, she is now saying that she will be in a new series that will start filming November 2007. She has dumped Stephen Huynh lately.


*Split Second
*Sunshine Heatbeat
*Guts of Man
*Women On The Run
*The Charm Beneath
*War and Destiny
*Love Exchange


2000 Model Competition:

Internet Popularity

Miss Hong Kong 2003:

Miss Hong Kong 2003, Diamond Skin, Miss International Goodwill, Miss Figure Beauty, Perfect Group

Miss Hong Kong in 2007:

Most Influenced in the Entertainment World

Miss Chinese International 2004:

First Runner up and Miss Friendship


Best Newcomer

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